In 1991, South Africa apartheid laws were repealed, Nirvana became a household name (at least with spirited teenagers), and a first-class U.S. stamp cost $0.25. This same year, Daphne was attending boarding school in seaside Rhode Island – both the boarding school and Daphne has never been the same since.

“For the first time, I witnessed the fleeting moment that a piece of blank photographic paper changes into the first shadows of a unique perspective captured in time,” she says. “At that moment it became clear to me that photographs make the ordinary, extraordinary. It sparked an immediate passion for capturing everything around me, frame by frame.”

Daphne returned to Chicago, where the world of art was close to home, and poured her efforts into further exploring her newfound passion.  Along the way, she also explored far corners of the Earth, returning from each trip with a visual diary of her experiences.

“I was very fortunate to experience everyday moments in places where only a few get to go once in their lifetime. To steal moments in time - the looks on people faces and places that never look the same twice, and bring them back to share with others sparked a relationship between me and my camera that continues to grow today.”

Daphne’s love for photography continued through college, where she first studied commercial photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. She ultimately moved into editorial photography where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Francisco State University. While in journalism school, Daphne performed assignment photography for local magazines and the Knight Ridder newspaper group. She also traveled across the U.S. covering road races and triathlons, and corporate events.

“There was a period of intense creative and personal growth during which I watched myself evolve from an unpolished, artistic student of the trade to a successful documentarian of the world’s greatest uniqueness - people.”

Daphne incorporated her first business in 2002, LucidPics Photography, in Columbus, Ohio. It was there that her portfolio of clients grew to include a long list of local, regional and international media outlets, including the Associated Press, as well as high-profile corporate projects with The Limited Brands, Cardinal Health, Nordstrom and Longaberger.

Daphne lived in The Hague, Netherlands, where she operated Lucidpics Photography both in the U.S. and Europe before moving back to the US. Her new clients?  There are a lot of them around the world. Daphne’s latest projects have landed her in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she documented children and their mentors sharing in lessons of life through play with the “Right to Play” organization, an exhibition in Amsterdam as well as Chicago. Most currently she worked on a local level focusing on an urban farmer cultivating food for restaurants on their roofs. 

Daphne now resides on the Northshore of Chicago with her husband and three children drumming up new projects all the time.

You can rest assured there’s plenty more to come and the pictures will prove it - guaranteed.